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Birthday Party

Welcome to Kingdom of Escape Rooms birthday celebration solutions. We would be proud to help you arrange an unforgettable birthday party.

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5 52 BP-654321

Team building

We arrange especially designed escape room games for companies and large groups that are looking for entertainment and team building activities.

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5 52 TB-123456

Student Discount

Are you a student and can prove it? In that case we have very good news for you. Our student discount entitles you to a 20 % discount regardless of time, place and kind of escape room, or other product, you choose to purchase.

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Family activities

Does your family want to arrange some special family activities this weekend, or maybe even have a family party? There is a lot of fun to be had and a lot of money to save by letting us arrange this for you. We have very competitive prices for families.

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5 52 FA-123456
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Bachelor party

Are you ready for one of the biggest celebrations in your life? In that case you are in the right spot. Your bachelor party will definately be a huge success as we are looking out for you. We have extensive experience with bachelor parties and other parties alike.

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kr325.00 2024 In stock
5 52 BP-123456

Something interesting

Who We Are

We are curious lovers of puzzles who has left their successful careers at the offices of world-renowned corporations for the purpose of creating exceptional quest rooms.

Our experience in logistics, time management, facility-management, project management and human resources management helps us make up interesting, challenging puzzles that will bring the visitors maximum emotions.

How to find us?

Escape room in Oslo is  located in the centre of the historical part of the city – Vika , next to Aker Brygge and the Royal Palace.

Curious facts about our location:

  • The building, where the quest room is sutuated, was built in 1881.
  • Most of the interior details are hand made and created on an individual order.
  • All the paintings in the room escape “Gallery of Illusions” are real. They are made by the artist according to our conception.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure or a chance to make your team united you’re in the right spot! You can book any of our escape rooms in Oslo for a private party or a corporate team building event.

Our team battle option will allow two teams to take part in a game at the same time!

Why is our escape room in Oslo a good idea for both private and corporate parties?

  • Experience problem solving and fun challenges at the same time.
  • It’s an excellent opportunity to be active without getting tired.
  • You can combine food and activities in one place. In addition we allow you to bring food and drinks from outside.
  • We are the only ones in the Oslo area with an escape room comprising a Harry Potter theme.
  • We have the cheapest escape rooms in the Oslo area. This claim comes with a price guarantee.

How do you reserve a game for a specific date?

You can book available room escape games at any time in our online calendar.

Who can visit our escape rooms?

We do not have age limits in our games! They are equally interesting for young and older participants, for beginners and experienced ones. Participants don’t need specific knowledge or skills to solve our puzzles and have a good time with Kingdom of Escape Rooms.

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