Escape box

  • Players: 7 - 80
  • Language: En / No
  • Difficult: Medium +
  • Children under 12 can play with the adult
  • Type: Mobile

How is the escape box played?

An escape box is delivered to your location. You will divide into teams of 4-7 people. Each team receives a box set specked with riddles, mysteries and logic puzzles. The team must solve the quests as quick as possible to achieve the goal of the game. The quickest team will win.

Why the escape box is perfect for your company party?

The escape box offers several advantages compared to an escape room experience. Obviously it is cheaper, but it also gives more flexibility as to when and where you can play it. This makes it the ideal game for conferences, courses, parties or a plain and simple office distractions where the focus is on team building.

(Generally speaking, there will be more options and themes available with our escape boxes than with escape room games).

What is included in the escape box experience?

  • The memorizing experience of solving the riddles in the box
  • Dedicated game master(s) needed to organize and perform the game
  • The box is delivered at your convenient location in the Oslo area.
  • A guaranteed success for your company party.
  • A thrilling story and a fairy tale like plot to blend the event together. (put a link:only in additional package)

How will it all play out?

  • The game master(s) will arrive at your destination about 30-45 minutes before the game starts.
  • Players will join their predefined teams
  • An introduction of about 10-15 minutes will be given
  • Players have 1 hour to complete the game.
  • The winning team will be announced
  • The game master will uninstall and pack all equipment in about 30-45 minutes

What preparations do you need to do?

  • Make sure you have at least 90 minutes set aside for the game
  • Have your teams with team names ready
  • A large room at your disposal if possible
  • An audio system and a projector is an advantage
  • Table with chairs for each team
  • A prize for the winning team (our recommendation is a gift card eligible for our escape room experiences)

The Korean Threat

North Korea has recently conducted a series of mass military trainings. According to our intelligence nuclear weapons have also been tested. Yesterday the Korean security council had a meeting. The minister of state security, Kim Won-hong, held an alarming speech: “Greedy and deceitful western countries stepped across a line daring to threaten our great nation. As the minister of state security I gave the order to put our army on full alert”. The launch of missiles is only possible from the nuclear briefcase belonging to Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Yong Yin.


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Forhåndsregler i forhold til Korona viruset

Hei på deg kjære escape-room entusiast. I dag vil vi gjerne prate om en viktig sak; nemlig hygiene-tiltak i forbindelse med Korona-viruset. Vi vet at du har fått all den generelle informasjonen du trenger for å hindre spredningen. Derfor vil vi gjerne prate litt om de tiltakene vi har gjennomført slik at du skal kunne føle deg trygg på å fortsette ablegøyene hos oss. Livet må jo gå videre. Vi kan ikke la sykdom sette en stopper for moroa.

I alle rommene rengjøres nå alle flater med anti-bak etter hvert spill. I tillegg har vi valgt å oppgradere generell rengjøring til flere ganger om dagen. Vi har også plassert ut anti-bak-gele på strategiske plasser slik at du lett skal kunne holde deg bakteri-fri gjennom hele ditt besøk.