Teambuilding activities

Would you like to give your employees a unique experience, and at the same time help them build their team spirit and ability to work together? We arrange especially designed escape room games for companies and large groups that are looking for entertainment and team building activities.




Number of people

What is included in the Company Team Building Package?

  • Tea and Coffee
  • Team games in our escape rooms
  • A dedicated Game Master that will attend to you
  • A photo session for the group
  • The opportunity to bring food and drinks from outside

Additional options:

Any questions about your order or price? Contact us by Email or phone +47 22440010 for detailed information.

  • A wide variety of tapas sufficient for everybody at the party
  • A dedicated stand up comedian that can adjust the material to the group
  • Use of the room’s different theme based costumes

4-20 person!

*You pay for the number of people who actually come.

group of 4-5340 kr per person
group of 6-10320 kr per person
group of 11-20310 kr per person

Prerequisites for the game

Our games are arranged in a way so that they do not require any prior knowledge or a strong physical condition. Furthermore, the variety is such that you will be challenged to use both your logic and fantasy. Team building activities with Kingdom of Escape games will be fun, stimulating and aim to build long lasting bonds between the players, something that will certainly benefit your company.

How is the game organized?

In our team battle games, the participants will be divided into groups of 6 people. 2 groups will play against each other in each room. The team that can solve the puzzles first will win the game. If you are more than 12 participants we will divide the crowd into two groups. One of the groups will play escape-room team-battle, while the other group plays escape-box. After that the groups will switch with each other.

Help with orders

You may contact us at  1 if you have any special requests, or if you would like help to place your order. In the last case please tell us how many you are, when you plan to play and what time spot you wish to book for yourselves. Remember that you can order additional, supplementary packages (for more food or entertainment) once you have ordered any one of our group packages.