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Oslo Top attractions 2020

If you choose to go to Norway’s capital, Oslo, it may be helpful to get some sort of guidance of what to make sure to see while you are in the city. In this blog post we will talk about Oslo top 5 attractions. So, if you are ready, without further ado we will introduce number 5.

Oslo top attraction number 5: Escape Games in Oslo

Although the escape game scene in Oslo is quite newly established, it has become one of O. If you still do not know what Escape games are, we will give you a brief summary: In an escape game you are locked in a room with some friends, and you have to use your logic to solve riddles and puzzles in order to find your way out. The escape games that we recommend in Oslo is based on theme of Harry Potter. It is called “In the magic world”. What makes it unique is that it takes a well known story and spins on this in a new and original way.


Oslo top attaction number 4: The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

This is probably the cheapest activity you can do in Oslo. Just go and take a look at the panorama view from the roof top. You could also just look at the original architecture in this strange, white building raising from the sea. Once you are there it is only a five-minute walk to Bjørvika, which offer yet another set of buildings with nice architecture.


Oslo top attraction number 3: Vigeland Sculpture Park

This is probably the most visited attraction in Norway. Even most Norwegians has gone to see this park at one point or another. The Vigeland Sculpture Park is located at Frogner, and has more than 200 bronze statues designed by Vigeland (1969-1943). Given that the entrance is free it really raises the value of the visit.

Oslo top attraction number 2: The Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum is yet another one of Oslo top attractions. You might wonder why it is not number one, and maybe it should be. The reason that we choose to put it as number two is that some people get tired of just walking around looking at historical items. However, if you do like that sort of thing, this is the best museum in the world when it comes to preserved Viking ships. It also shows an impressive collection of items and artifact from the time period.

Oslo top attraction number 1: The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

This is an absolute must of you aspire to experience Norwegian culture. Not only is it one of the worlds largest open-air museums, but it also has stave churches from the year 1200. These are very, very rare and there are less than 30 of them in the world. Furthermore, you can experience century old Norwegian food and other cultural arrangements in the summer. You can see their event calender for more details.

If you are planing to go to The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History you might also want to take a look at this video that gives you a good idea about what you can expect to see and experience at this wonderful place.

Are you aware of any other candidates for Oslo top attractions that you would like to see in this article? Tell us about it, and we might just ad it in there.


Forhåndsregler i forhold til Korona viruset

Hei på deg kjære escape-room entusiast. I dag vil vi gjerne prate om en viktig sak; nemlig hygiene-tiltak i forbindelse med Korona-viruset. Vi vet at du har fått all den generelle informasjonen du trenger for å hindre spredningen. Derfor vil vi gjerne prate litt om de tiltakene vi har gjennomført slik at du skal kunne føle deg trygg på å fortsette ablegøyene hos oss. Livet må jo gå videre. Vi kan ikke la sykdom sette en stopper for moroa.

I alle rommene rengjøres nå alle flater med anti-bak etter hvert spill. I tillegg har vi valgt å oppgradere generell rengjøring til flere ganger om dagen. Vi har også plassert ut anti-bak-gele på strategiske plasser slik at du lett skal kunne holde deg bakteri-fri gjennom hele ditt besøk.