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Gallery of Illusions

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This quest is a real challenge for your brain! When preparing this room, we paid special attention to the details and the elements, so it is filled with unique and unusual puzzles. You, the courageous team of players, got into the house of a private collector, who stole one of the most valuable paintings (you will be able to choose the painting – for example, Munch’s cloth or canvas with your logo, etc.). After 60 minutes the owner of the home will return, so you need to solve all the riddles, take the picture, give it to us, and we will return it back to the museum. Don’t forget that the only way to get out of a private collector’s home is to find a picture.

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Gallery of Illusions

Cort Adelers gate 18, 0254 Oslo
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Gallery of Illusions
Cort Adelers gate 18, 0254 Oslo