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Save King’s Landing

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The long night is coming and with it, the dead will arise. Only the one true king can unite the four kingdoms and fight off the living dead. Can you find the artifacts needed for the one true king to emerge and save King’s Landing?

Our eyes blink open, adjusting to the dim light as the surroundings fade into focus. We are locked in a large prison cell deep within an old castle.

Apparently one of us may be a king, and the only one capable of preventing a zombie takeover

The threat from the living dead is quickly lost as the game mainly focuses on the story of locating the four artifacts.

We’re not exactly sure why we were blindfolded, led in a single line into the castle, and locked up in a cell. No time for figuring that out, though – there are artifacts to recover!

Milestones throughout the experience trigger a booming narrator who helps move the story towards its conclusion. This was actually a really good mechanism to tie in the game steps with the overarching theme.

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Save King’s Landing

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Save King’s Landing