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Team building Oslo – Top-10 activities (2019)

You just sent out invitations to this year’s team building event for your employees. How hard can it be to find an activity where people can relate to each other in a meaningful way? “Not very difficult”, you think and triumphantly chew into a delicious green apple.

Pling! Suddenly a mail appears with a blog post attached: “Team building activities: The research shows us what works”, you read with an astonished look in your face. As you continue reading, your face becomes greener and greener … Before you reach the end, it resembles the apple you hold in your hand.

At once you feel like a captain without a leg to stand on. But when you collect yourself, the only thing reminiscent of the ocean is a dirty toilet from the early 90s, and the supposed steering wheel in your hands looks more like a worn out toilet seat.

This could certainly have been the case if you had chosen to start the team building activities without confirming what really works. But now you soon know better! In the post above, I outlined some scientifically based guidelines for choosing team building activities.

In this post, I turn the theory into practice by serving you a concrete top-10-list based on these principles. In addition, I give you a quick overview of which companies offer such kind of team building in Oslo.

Team building (Oslo), idea 1: Event organizers

Most of the time event organizers are the best at arranging an event for you. This you can probably tell from the price tag. If you have a budget for this, just pick the one that suits you the best and you’re good to go. If you do not have a large budget, you may get a better bang for your buck by choosing one of the organizers from idea number 2 and onwards. As we have done with the entire post, we also mention the event organizers ordered from best to less good.

Foss event

This is one of Oslo’s most profiled organizers. The company cooperates with many different parties in the market, and has a lot of expertise and contacts in the industry. They also have four ready-made package solutions for companies adapted to team building in Oslo.

City Adventures

This company has the highest organic ranking on Google among the event organizers. Furthermore, they have 8 different package deals that seem well planned. Most of the activities are designed by the company itself, which in any case ensures original solutions.

Team building (Oslo), idea 2: Escape Room

When something becomes too popular, it gets to a certain point where people start to get tired of hearing about it. We probably haven’t reached this point yet, because there are still some people who haven’t heard about escape rooms. If this applies to you, the post “Escape Room Game – History and Diversity” may be something that you want to take a look at.

At the moment escape rooms are without a doubt the entertainment form in Oslo that has the greatest growth. It is very well suited for team building because one must use both the body and mind to solve tasks in a team. The YouTube video below illustrates what an escape room is.

Escape games – The history and diversity

Harry Potter’s magic world

Climbing the charts for the 2018 escape room scene is “In the Magic World” with a theme from Harry Potter’s universe. We are now in 2019 and the room still sell like hotcakes. So, you might want to be a bit early if you want to book this room. The experience is provided by Kingdom of Escape Rooms. The price is from 300 per person, depending on what kind of food you want.

Chernobyl – The Nightmare Returns

If you like escape rooms with a bit of scary motives this might be the choice for you. The critics and reviews are very good. On TripAdvisor they have a good score. As the name suggests, you will try to prevent a nuclear disaster. The experience is provided by The Escape Games.

Team building (Oslo), idea 3: Indoor activities

Different types of indoor activities can be a good basis for team building in Oslo if you find activities that everyone can participate in. The question is which indoor activities?

Rush Trampoline Park

from 2016 Rush has been an indoor activity center with walls and floors covered in trampolines. Today they have several similar parks in the rest of the country. Their branch in Oslo has its own café and offers special arrangements for team building.

Oslo Gladiators

Although said organizer is not as profiled as their competitors, they have many exciting activities to offer, some of which are quite rare and fun. Most are for two or few people, but there are some activities that are suitable for a company that is looking for a good session with team building in the Oslo area.

Oslo Zorbing

Here you will find more than just zorbing activities. The company also offers some strange sports such as darts football and football billiards. A good mix of several activities here can provide the basis for a good day for companies or others who are looking to strengthen their team mentality.

Team building (Oslo), idea 4: Outdoors

In the beautiful Norwegian nature, it should be possible for most people to find something that they like. With four seasons and different types of terrain, Norway encourages lots of exciting activities and sports in the wild. The problem is, of course, that in a company there are people of different types of interests and assumptions. For that reason, it can be somewhat challenging to find activities that suits everybody.

The name kind of gives away what one gets, namely experiences outside. (In Norwegian “ute” means “outside”. The non-word “levelser” plays on the Norwegian word “opplevelser” which means “experiences”) Among all the websites in this post, utelevelser is probably one of those that seem to be the most concerned with the actual team building part of the event.

Oslo winter park

Here we find, among other things, “Holmgang”, which can act as a good activity for team building in the winter. The game is originally a fighting game from the Viking Age. The price is from 350 krones only per person, which must be considered very cheap in the context of a corporate event.

Ski & Guide – Tryvann Event AS

Ski and other outdoor activities near Tryvann are what you get with this company. Team building activities in Oslo can be tailored to your business specifically.

Active Norway event

Active Norway event offers both summer and winter activities at Frognerseteren. In addition, they offer rib and sailing. The price is 690 krones per. person if you are under 100 people.

Team building (Oslo), idea 5: On a farm

This is perhaps one of the less common choices for a team building sessions in Oslo, but that does not necessarily mean that it is of less interest. There are several opportunities within this category, but not so many meet the requirements we make for good team building activities. Never the less…this choice can pose physical challenges in a slightly special atmosphere, which can give a fun twist to the whole experience.

Viking arrangement at Viking farm Maurenga

2 miles north of Oslo is Maurenga. Here one can get a very authentic experience of being back in the Viking Age. There are both outdoor and indoor activities. Examples are arrow and archery, ax casting, activities such as “beat for beat” (such as the TV program), quiz or practical tasks.

Event garden

This is an event organizer that was not mentioned in the first post where we wrote about the best organizers for arranging team building in Oslo. They have a scheme for companies that want team building activities set in cozy farm atmosphere. It is arranged at Tærud Gård.

Team building (Oslo), idea 6: Ipad race in the city

If you’ve seen a bunch of “idiots” running down Karl Johan with an ipad and sweat running down their face, it’s probably an ipad race you’ve witnessed. The trend spreads almost as fast as Donald Trump’s lies, and as a result this activity also had to be on the list. The game is about solving tasks on the street, partly using ipad as a tool.

Although the teams get technical and professional support, the disadvantage of this type of activity is that teams are often left to themselves when it comes to the team building part of things. For that reason, it may be necessary to clarify with the organizers in advance that you want something more than just “a cool day out”. Below is a video illustrating what an ipad race is.

Green Hat People

The above company is a high profiled with international roots. They have offices in at least 7 other European cities. On the web they have a detailed brochure with lots of information.

Again, the company appears in this post with what they call “city Ipad Rally”. There are different themes that can be chosen in such a race.

Team building (Oslo), idea 7: Escape box

Escape what…? If you think this is a typo…think again! This, right here, is a new twist on the escape room game, but the whole experience comes out of a box. This is well suited for companies that want a break in everyday life. You have to solve puzzles found in a suitcase. Team building activity can often be combined with other activities. Watch the video below for a small introduction to the concept escape box.

The Korean Threat

In The Kingdom of Escape Rooms escape box game, Korean Threat, you will try to resolve the political situation in North Korea by interrupting the launch of some Korean missiles. You have 60 minutes and up to 80 participants can play simultaneously.

Perfect escape box

Exciting theme with spy hunting is provided by Perfect Escape’s team building in Oslo. Up to 250 participants can play at the same time.

Team building (Oslo), idea 8: Dance

This is probably a somewhat untraditional way of building the team. At first glance, it may seem to exclude those who cannot dance, but on their website “Danseløvene” convinces us that there is much to be gained for companies with this type of activity. They offer group choreography where there will be a little more focus on the group as a whole compared to dancing in pairs.

Team building (Oslo), idea 9: Raise the sails!

Perhaps your argument is that sailing should come further up the list, and it’s probably a very valid statement. After all, Norway is an old sea nation. So even though ipads and iphones and all sorts of technological stuff have made their mark, that is no reason to ignore the activities that have been there for thousands of years.

The advantage of this activity is that most people have little knowledge of sailing from before. It can serve the team building well not to let the roles from work wash of on the activities dedicated for such an event. Then, put on the viking helmet and raise the sails. Now we are leaving for an adventure!!! Or, at least you are!

Rib Oslo

This is an event organizer specializing within sailing and team building. They have boats with capacity for up to 120 people. Rib Oslo is first on the list because they arrange additional team building activities on board while the sailing is in progress.

Oslo Sailing School

Oslo Sailing School has many instructors with a qualified background in the sailing profession. They offer sailing courses for companies at beginner level. The employees then get to try out the different roles on board.

Team building (Oslo), idea 10: Brygg in Oslo

Brygg in Oslo is one of Scandinavia’s largest beer places. This is more than just a brown pub. The place opened in 2017, and has since received sparkling reviews for its variety in beers. “So where does the team build part come into the picture,” you might think?

The reason for this option ending up at the end of the list, is that it requires a little extra planning in advance to get this activity to qualify as proper team building activity.

However, this is an opportunity that can provide room for several subsequent follow-up seminars as part of the team building event. Be aware that it takes approx. 6 weeks to brew beer. At “Brygg” you can make your own beer without any prior knowledge. You can choose between Christmas beer, regular beer or IPA. The place offers guiding instructors during the process.

Come on! The list is complete. Your facial color looks nice and fresh after reading this time. Which of the top-10 team building activities will be the winner for your business?


Forhåndsregler i forhold til Korona viruset

Hei på deg kjære escape-room entusiast. I dag vil vi gjerne prate om en viktig sak; nemlig hygiene-tiltak i forbindelse med Korona-viruset. Vi vet at du har fått all den generelle informasjonen du trenger for å hindre spredningen. Derfor vil vi gjerne prate litt om de tiltakene vi har gjennomført slik at du skal kunne føle deg trygg på å fortsette ablegøyene hos oss. Livet må jo gå videre. Vi kan ikke la sykdom sette en stopper for moroa.

I alle rommene rengjøres nå alle flater med anti-bak etter hvert spill. I tillegg har vi valgt å oppgradere generell rengjøring til flere ganger om dagen. Vi har også plassert ut anti-bak-gele på strategiske plasser slik at du lett skal kunne holde deg bakteri-fri gjennom hele ditt besøk.