Safety measures in relation to Covid-19

A lot of people want to visit Escape Rooms, be together, and continue living their lives. Therefore, it’s important that visiting us will be a safe experience for everyone. Keeping infection rates and risks down to a minimum is something we take very seriously, and we have therefore implemented a number of measures to reduce the risk of being infected. We also ask all our visitors to be considerate of others, and maintain social distancing.

Measures to reduce the risk of infection at Kingdom of Escape Rooms:

  • Starting Thursday October 29th, all employees and guests at Kingdom of Escape Rooms are required to wear face masks. As long as you are moving about on our premises, the face mask must remain on. However, if you sit down or enter an Escape Room, you are of course allowed to remove your face mask.
  • We have stations with disinfectant located at every entrance area. We ask you all to use these thoroughly and often.
  • There is plenty of space between each area, which enables us to maintain the rule of keeping minimum 1 meter distance between every guest and employee at all times.
  • The entire premises are cleaned regularly throughout the day. We pay extra close attention to disinfecting surfaces that several people come into contact with.
  • As Oslo municipality’s encourages all establishments to register guests, we register all our guests as you book your appointment with us. This makes it easier for the municipality to get in touch with visitors should there occur an outbreak of Covid-19 at our premises.

What we ask of you, as our guest:

  • Use a face mask
  • Be considerate of others, and maintain social distancing from other guests and employees
  • Ensure that your hands are clean at all times
  • Use a paper towel or the crook of your elbow if you need to cough or sneeze
  • Are you feeling sick, or showing symptoms of Covid-19? Stay home!

Forhåndsregler i forhold til Korona viruset

Hei på deg kjære escape-room entusiast. I dag vil vi gjerne prate om en viktig sak; nemlig hygiene-tiltak i forbindelse med Korona-viruset. Vi vet at du har fått all den generelle informasjonen du trenger for å hindre spredningen. Derfor vil vi gjerne prate litt om de tiltakene vi har gjennomført slik at du skal kunne føle deg trygg på å fortsette ablegøyene hos oss. Livet må jo gå videre. Vi kan ikke la sykdom sette en stopper for moroa.

I alle rommene rengjøres nå alle flater med anti-bak etter hvert spill. I tillegg har vi valgt å oppgradere generell rengjøring til flere ganger om dagen. Vi har også plassert ut anti-bak-gele på strategiske plasser slik at du lett skal kunne holde deg bakteri-fri gjennom hele ditt besøk.